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Jiangsu Qida Road&Bridge Engineering Co., LTD. 


was established in July 1998. We currently own the following qualifications: Specialized Bridge Engineering Contracting Level 1 , Specialized Highway Engineering Contracting Level 2,Specialized Highway Roadbed Engineering Contracting Level 2,Specialized Highway Road Engineering Contracting Level 2,Not Graded Special Engineering (Structural Reinforcement) and Municipal Public Construction General Contracting level 3 qualifications.

We have 385.88 million Yuan of registered capital and 143.28 million Yuan of fixed assets. Additionally, we own 219 sets of full kinds of large construction machinery equipment,196 specialized technical engineers,30 National Level 1&2 Registered Constructors included.

Focused on Key Engineering Project,we actively participated in national high-level highway construction including Express Highway, National Highway, Provincial Highway and many more municipal constructions since we were established in 1998. We used to participate in constructions of highways such as Huning Highway, Ningtong Highway, Ningjingyan Highway, Yanhai Express Highway, Riverside highway, Yanxu Highway; constructions of National and Provincial Highways such as G104、G204、G328、 S221、S333、S231、S229、S610、S246、S235、S504、S351、 S352、S353. We contributed enormous efforts to improve investment environment and to develop regional economy by contracting to independently construct nearly 30 large bridges (1000m≥L≥100m, 150m≥Lk≥40m) and grand bridge (L>1000m, Lk>150m); by independently investing 5 billion Yuan in constructing National and Provincial Highways.

We adhere to the core value of keeping promise, inheriting spirit of the craftsman, responsible to clients and be grateful in which way we are famous for our high quality, professional skills.

With the development of our inner management and technology, and outer economy, we are adjusting our strategy to keep focused on national policy including constructions of PPP projects and of Sponge City, which is strongly recommended by the government. In the meantime, we also speed up in technological upgrade and equipment investment.

We devote ourselves to be the most professional, profitable, satisfying construction enterprises to contribute our efforts in construction of our country and our world in the whole time.

We are always on the way

Jiangsu Qida Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in July 1998, now has the qualification: bridge engineering contractor level, highway construction general contracting two, highway subgrade engineering contracting two, highway pavement engineering contractor Two, special engineering (structural reinforcement), municipal public works construction contract three qualifications and construction qualification.

  • 2017

    Entered overseas market, invested and constructed EPC and BOT Project abroad

  • 2016

    Invested government PPP Project and entered "The Belt and Road" market

  • 2015

    Invested and constructed ‘Sponge City’

  • 2014

    Started to invest in the education industry, the financial industry, the hi-tech medical industry and other hi-tech industry

  • 2008

    Acquired highway engineering general contractor of level 2

  • 2004

    Acquired bridge engineering, subgrade engineering and road engineering general contractor of level 2 and started to invest and construct BT Project

  • 2003

    Set up the company

  • 1998

    Formed the core team