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Project Name: 海安县开元大桥

English name: Kaiyuan Bridge

Types of section: Bridge Cases

Project Introduction:

Kaiyuan Bridge we constructed is in west Hai’an county, a bridge for the planning of Longzheng-Tianzhuang. The bridge come across the east-west new Tong Yang River and Angang Line. The center line of the bridge crossing Angle of about 91.9 °. New tong Yang River is key channel in Jiangsu Province "four horizontal two longitudinal" trunk waterway network, is now a category Ⅵ channel, planning for Ⅲ waterway, navigable clearance 70 x 7, the highest navigable water level of 2.42 m, the lowest navigable water level of 0.57 m.
The bridge superstructure main bridge adopts 47.5+85+47.5m variable height prestressed concrete continuous beam, the bridge adopts 20m prestressed concrete hollow slab, and the span composition is 5 x 20+4 x 20+ (47.5 +85+ 47.5) 4 x 20+5 x 20m. The width of the bridge is 2.5m pavement +16m lane and 2.5m pavement. The width of the bridge is 21m. Bridge carriageway two-way cross slope 2%, sidewalk reverse 1% transverse slope.
The lower structure adopts the upright pier, pillar pier, pillar type platform, and bored pile foundation.
The upper part of the main bridge is constructed by hanging basket cantilever, and the bridge is prefabricated with 20 meters of hollow beam.

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